He looks really different here :/

  • Me re-reading the hunger games: maybe rue wont die this time
  • Me re-reading catching fire: maybe cinna wont die this time
  • Me re-reading mockingjay: maybe finnick wont die this time
  • Peeta: Because she came here with me.
  • Katniss: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Effie?

The Reaping from Mr Mellark’s POV.

My eyes find the girl - the woman - I had once hoped to marry in the crowd as her daughter’s name is called, only for her other daughter to volunteer in her place. Katniss Everdeen. I find the back of Peeta’s head in the crowd, blonde hair shining in the sun. I barely have time to take pity for him, watching the girl he’s so admired all his life stand up and accept her probable death. Because the boys are being called, and it’s Peeta Mellark. He steps forward, and for a second I see a tiny boy running home and telling me that he’s met the girl he wants to marry and she’s called Katniss. 

Oh, my boy. My poor boy.